The Valley
A poem written by Kay Wilks years ago describes my valley well.
" From the BC Hydro dam, up to old Anahim, there is something of heaven to while away the hours.
At our mountains you will stand and stare, home of the grizzly bear
Something to sing about this valley ours

Real Estate in the Bella Coola Valley

Why do you want to move here?
  • Here, commercialism is at a minimum.
  • There are no malls or fast food restaurants. 
  • Our life style is relaxing, with hiking and fishing a common occurrence. 
  • The outdoors plays a large role in our children's lives. 
  • We have affordable land taxes.

I would be the first to say that living here is not for everyone, and you know what? Let's keep it that way. But it is quite possible your future is here.

Why do you want me for your Realtor?
I am a Bella Coolian, born and raised and I married a Bella Coolian. Together my husband and I have an extensive knowledge of property in the region. My reputation
in all aspects of my life is one of honesty and professionalism.

Vera photo   Hi, My name is Vera Robson, and I would be delighted to be your Realtor!

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